Monday, April 2, 2007


so day two of the milk-induced weirdness continues. Lucy was slightly fussy until about 5 pm, at which point she became really unhappy. She seemed in pain, and was inconsolable. At about 6, I decided the only thing left to do was put her to bed. Since she'd gotten up from her nap at 5, I didn't think it would work. Boy, was I wrong.
She fell asleep, and slept pretty soundly until 9. Then she woke up. I tried nursing her back to sleep, but when she heard Dyami's voice she woke up completely and was suddenly extremely happy and playful.

It is nearly an hour later, and she has shown some signs of tiredness, but the frenetic happiness is the prevailing theme. Oh, dear child, you are cute, but I want to go to bed!!! Be tired, like a normal baby!
Now she's farting. Perhaps she has some, ahem, other issues to work out.

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