Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mama: love her or hate her

Driving home, Lucy was a bit worried about me.
"Mama? Sad?"
Since I was fine, I told Lucy no.
"Mama. Boo-boo. Head. Sleeping."
"You think I have a boo-boo on my head?" I was wondering where this was coming from, when Dyami reminded me that Lucy took care of me the other night. So I went with it. "Are you going to take Mama to nap, Lucy?
"Uh-huh. Mama. Nap. Lucy carry you me. Feel better."
"You're going to carry Mama to bed. And then I'll feel better?"
Here Dyami chimed in. "Do you love your mama, Lucy?"
The answer was quick and decisive. "No."
I probed a bit more: Did she like cuddling/snuggling/kissing Mama? Resounding no's. Did she love Dada? Yes, definitely. Really? She didn't love Mama? No, thank you very much.

Ah, well. At least she's willing to work for me, even if I don't get verbal props.

Monday, December 22, 2008

dyslexia solution

Dyami reminded me today that he has a weird word colorblindness. He always says "orange" when he means "green" and vice versa. He doesn't actually confuse the colors, just the words.

That reminded me of my own dyslexia: I constantly confuse the names "michelle" and "melissa". This was most embarrassing in eighth grade, when I accidentally wrote an entire yearbook entry to "Melissa" in my friend Michele's book. Talking about how glad I was we had become such close friends. Ahem.

Now I have two good friends (one apiece) named Michelle and Melissa. They live close together, know each other, and we hang out together with about equal frequency. It's a matched pair of confusion. I live in constant anxiety of calling one by the others' name. Actually, it has happened before (sorry, Michelle and Melissa. This is all old news for both of you).

Dyami suggested that I just combine the names to avoid problems.

That's why, from now on, I have two friends. Named "Militia."

That should work for everyone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

like stars

Does anyone know what the word is for stars appearing? Like sunrise or moonset, but for stars?
I ask because Lucy is getting moles.
Hold on, these two issues are related.

No, really.

See, I have a lot of moles, courtesy of my dad. I'm rather fond of them. I always wondered when they appeared, because in early baby pictures I don't have them.
Well, I'm finding out, because every once in a while, Lucy gets one.
It's like stars appearing at night, one at a time (insert pertinent term for stars appearing).
Right now she has three.

One day they're not there, and the next day, they are.
Sort of like kids, and other precious things, no?

Friday, December 19, 2008

praying lessons

Jesus said to become like little children, and I think I'm getting his drift.
Lucy's been praying before dinner.
She grabs my hands, bows her head, and says, in a tiny, nearly inaudible voice, "Food. Dada. Poppa. Nana. (Other inaudible stuff)."
Then, louder: "Amen."

Don't know where she got the sotto voce--we always pray out loud, and she's not a child that often whispers. As for her prayer's content, I think she's thanking God for food, praying for Dada to come back, and lifting up Nana and Poppa, like we've been doing so often lately.
What strikes me is the quiet. She's hesitant, even though she happily volunteers to pray. Which is kind of appropriate, given that we're talking to God.

Something about her prayer is just so earnest, so yearning, and so right. I wish I could have her pray for me all the time.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

one way to get affection:

If your toddler refuses to give hugs and kisses for weeks on end, tell her she's a kiss monster.
It works.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Had a headache after dinner. Glumly informed Dyami (and Lucy).
I went into the living room to lay down. "I think I just need a nap," I said. "And a massage."
Lucy came next to me. "Momma? 'Sage?"
"Sure, Lucy, you can give me a massage."
Lucy pressed on my belly, her movements becoming more and more Heimlich-like.
"That's great, honey. Now' I'll just take a nap."
Lucy paused. "Momma? Nap?" She pulled at my arm. "Bed. Dada's room."
She pulled me up (with help from, well, me) and towards our bedroom/Dyami's office.
Pointed me towards the floor. "Lay down."
Pointed at the light. "Light, off."
Pointed at me. "Momma, sleep. Feel better."
Walked out and shut the door behind her.

Wow. Really?

Of course, she did pound on the door not three minutes later, but Still.
Now I just have to work on the massage.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

what to call me

Just wrote Lucy a note for our little advent calendar (this instead of candy, presents or activities, thanks to Amy for the idea!!) and had to figure out how to write Mama. Momma. Mama. Momma.
Is this why people default to Mom? Just because it's simpler?
Lucy is now in bed, and I just realized that we forgot to do the Advent note thingie. But our intentions were good. We have notes written!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

holiday clothing

We went to a holiday event last night, and I realized how much one aspect of winter really gets my goat.
Holiday women's attire.
1. It's cold out so you want to dress warmly. Womens' fashions generally are skimpy.
2. If you try to layer so as to be warm and fashionable, the effect instead is lumpy. With weird cords and ties hanging down from underneath the cute sweater that only looks cute if you don't wear anything under it.
3. Let's not even talk about the high heels.

I like dressing up, but I prefer it to be summer out when I do. After last night, I see why those Christmas sweaters are so popular--it's kind of like sidestepping the whole fashion quandry. You will be warm, and though you won't look fashionable, you also won't look like you failed to be fashionable--you will just look like you opted out.
Perhaps I should ask for some candy cane/reindeer sweaters for Christmas.
Just as long as they aren't lumpy.


L: Suspicious me.
Dyami: What? You're suspicious?
H: What did you say?
L: Suspicious. Me.
H: Ah. Christmas tree.
D: Perfectly clear.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

working working working

Why I'm not posting more: because I'm finishing the Christmas presents. Well. "Finishing" implies I'm close. Not sure if that's true. But I'm closer.
Sewing like the wind!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

tired tired tired

Around here, I generally get good sleep, but man, the trip to Ojai this weekend has really tapped us all out. Long drive, child waking two nights out of three, early mornings, and no naps for me. I had other various cute ideas for blog posts to finish NaBloPoMo, but instead I'm just going to whine.
Oh, and that NaBloPoMo thing? I did good all month (I think I missed once) and then pbthhhh. Missed like the last five days.
Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.