Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Diaper Bag

I'm a little (just a wee tiny bit) proud of my newest purchase. It is a Diaper Bag.
I'd been looking for a diaper bag for a while to replace the one I bought when I was planning on being diaper free. Since diaper free also means bulk-free, I got the thin pack.
Then we ended up using bulky cloth diapers. And I'm a 'pack three so I don't run out' sort of mom.
Basically, I ended up using my car as my diaper bag, because the stuff I needed to tote just didn't fit in the baggie I'd bought.
I scouted bags all last week, but kept wheezing when I saw the price tags of bags I actually liked. So I bought a twenty dollar bag at Target. Brought it home, and decided I hated it.
But then I found The Bag.

I use capital letters advisedly. This is a Badass Bag. A Serious Tote. A Fashion Statement.
It has a Major Brand Name (Coach). It is Made of Leather. It Retails for Serious Bucks.

I got it at the thrift store. For twenty-five dollars.

Which thrift store, you'll have to ask me in person. I'm not opposed to sharing the wealth, but advertising it is another thing (since I know I have hundreds of readers, right?)
I'm not much of a shopper (actually I usually hate it) but I have become a thrift store devotee. At least this particular one. I mean, we live in a ridiculously wealthy area. People give away all kinds of stuff. And the prices on the tags, those are ones my internal cash register is willing to pay. Ie, usually ten dollars or less.

Anyway, when I was in the store, I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if they had a bag I could use as a diaper bag? And then I saw this one.
That's just the right size for a diaper bag. Wait, what's this? It's a changing pad. ?!?!?! A Changing Pad?
When I broguht my purchase up for checkout, the sales clerk acted like I'd won a lottery (in a sense, I had: what were the odds that they'd have a Coach diaper bag there on the very day I came there looking for a diaper bag? Have you ever seen a diaper bag in the thrift store, of all places? This place is not known for children's clothing) As I was paying, two people in the store tried to grab it away from me. In a mostly good-natured way.
I never used to like hauling a diaper bag before (I'm a small purse sort of person) but I have a feeling I'm going to be hefting this one with a smile on my face.
I think I need to go stroke the soft leather. Just one more time.


Melissa said...

I know where your thrift store is, but where do you park? (I know, more of an in-person question, but I think I'm going to forget. Not that I couldn't figure it out, but I like to know this stuff before I head out. I'm wimpy like that.)

Heather said...

I'd say at least half the time there's parking out front or right across the street. When that fails, I just circle the block.