Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm going to make a second years' attempt to do the national blog posting month. There are several reasons:
1. You all just really want more content from me. You've been asking for it, daily, and I'm going to deliver! (I haven't received those messages yet, but I know you would send them if you weren't busily scouring the Internet for more of my essays).
2. In all seriousness, I need a serious kick in the butt to get writing again. My mother in law's illness has made posting difficult; it was most of what was happening with us, but it wasn't really my story to share, and I had little energy/time for posting, anyway.
3. As we mourn Donna, I know I'm not going to feel like posting, and won't feel like I have much to say that's important, and so the daily posting gives a convenient shape/excuse/motivation. Sort of like drinking from the fire hose.
4. I miss writing. I miss noting things that aren't really that noteworthy, and putting them up for the world to admire.
Nablopomo, here we come!

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Anna said...


This doesn't seem like the right forum on which to leave my condolences, but here I am.

I met Donna only several times, long ago, but I remember her presence vividly. She was lovely.

You and Dyami are in my thoughts...