Friday, March 23, 2007

Humble Pie

For those of you avid readers out there (Surely there are dozens...? A dozen? Three?) I want to prepare myself a hearty dish of humble pie. A while ago I wrote a scathing post about a doctor's office experience. A very scathing post. I didn't mention the doctor's name, but it has come to my attention that he (gulp) saw the post. And was understandably hurt, since he saw that before he got my (much more reasonable) letter outlining some concerns I had about my experience.
Now, this doctor is a nice guy. And his staff is nice. And I might have had some frustrations with them, but they were always respectful to me. Even when pointing out how I wasn't respectful on a public, only somewhat-anonymous forum.
It turns out writing things in anger isn't so cool.
Especially on a blog.
So here is my public apology. I have also deleted that earlier, rather ugly post. I am sorry, and I hope this apology goes some way to making things right.
Sigh. I kept wanting to know if people were actually reading this thing. I just didn't imagine that it might be a _bad_ thing.
Mmmm. This pie is, um, tasty? Well, it makes me feel better, and that's something.

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