Monday, March 26, 2007

more skills

I kept tuning in to the two blogs that I read, and for a while neither of them had written anything. For shame! People, don't you know I need the entertainment in the morning to go along with my Empress Tea and Dear Abby?
Then I realized I hadn't written anything myself in days.

So this is what's new on the home front. Lucy's sleep schedule is all over the map, but it's not a bad all over the nap (her night time sleep has actually been better! and it wasn't bad before!). It's just unpredictable. And she has a pincer grip now! Which means she can pick up all of the lint on the floor and put it in her mouth! And I just thought we weren't going to start solids for a while!

She is also pulling herself up onto things, like the low hearth in front of our fireplace and our friend Chris's legs. Gosh, this little girl is strong.

And finally, occasionally she tips her head back and forth, like Indians do when they're nodding yes. Not sure what she's agreeing with, but it's darn cute!

See, this post isn't very witty, but it's chock-full of info about Lucy! Which makes it interesting!
Okay, people, you get what you pay for.

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Melissa said...


We'll have to get you hooked on more blogs. Also, I could stop being sick. That would be okay with me.