Friday, December 14, 2007

brain, mommy

I got published! In a really cool magazine! I notified family and friends and the neighbor's cat via email, and forgot to send the link! And so everyone rejoices with me, but no one is reading my essay!
Go here. And then go and say nice things about me (pretty please?) in their forum. Some people already wrote some not-so-nice things. Sniff.


tODD said...

Sorry, I feel unqualified in at least two ways (the two ways -- gender and child-having -- in which I am not a mother) to comment over there.

But good grief, some people get awfully brave behind that Anonymous moniker. "Entitlement" blah blah blah. It's like they learned what that word meant two days ago and really want to show you they know how to use it. Only I'm not sure they do.

And it's sad that the whole "debate" seems to center over, what, the last few sentences of a fairly long article? There was more to it than just peeing in a sink, I believe.

That said, I feel more comfortable defending peeing in a sink than pooping. Hope that's understandable. I still thought your article was well-written, interesting, and charmingly honest. And I feel entitled to that opinion.

Heather said...

Thanks, Todd. And no need to defend--mostly I was just bummed out at how mean-spirited people were. I guess I neglected to factor in how germaphobic some people are. If I really think about how disgusting public restrooms are (for example: the flushing vaporizes the toilet water into the air where it stays airborne for 15 minutes) I would never go in there. But we all just make do.
Another weird thing: I really only felt okay with L peeing in sinks before we started feeding her food (at about a year). Her system was so much more pure then (for one thing--everything was almost odorless). Now that she eats, well, the idea of her peeing in a public sink is more gross to me.
Another thought: do these people who are so mad at me ever go in public swimming pools? Or the ocean?
Okay, that's enough of my justifications.

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing, I really wasn't sure how you would do it!Please, being a new mom and everything!! I mean not that you couldn't master it! I just think let yourself throw the cloth diaper in a bag and have them clean it! Never the less you are related to me and ,I know that we should listen and not give to many discouraging opinions, when it comes to our children! I only encouraged!! I liked the article and am glad you were able to see both sides of the ec equation. I guess after potty training 20 2 year olds a few years ago, I could say there is a time for every thing, its always every 20 minutes untill they get the hang of it! Take the other few minutes and not worry about it, I don't think she will be pooping in class or at those three or potty trained preschool programmed. Cute and funny,I thought the apartment lady story was hilarious, I could only imagine! Ha Ha! I laughed out loud,thought I woke Rylee!

Staci Schoff said...

I didn't read any of the comments, but let me tell you, while I didn't try EC I did plenty of other things that lend themselves to self-righteous playgroup and parenting forum mothers, and felt plenty inadequate as a result.

I enjoyed reading your essay, but yes, peeing in public sinks is kind of gross and yet knowning you do that makes my phobia about touching anything in public bathrooms seem relatively sane now. So thank you. :)