Wednesday, December 19, 2007

confluence of signs

From the title you'd think this post would be all Zen, wouldn't you? But really, I just want to know one thing. Why, after Lucy learned several signs (all done, nurse, more, bye bye) and the appropriate times to use them--with the addition of yes and no to really make our life simple and clear--did she suddenly get them confused, stop using "All done" and use them nearly interchangably?
Sample exchanges:

Me: Lucy, are you all done with your spaghetti?
Lucy: More nursing. No.

Lucy, holding book: Yes. More. Nurse.
Me: You mean you want me to read to you?
Lucy: Yes. More.

Lucy: unlatching from breast after 20 minutes nursing: Nurse. Yes. More.
Me: Are you all done?
Lucy: Rolls over, gets off my lap.

I was all ecstatic about communication becoming clear. Now we have all kinds of signs, just none that have particular meaning.


Melissa said...

What, you want her to use words and have them mean what you think they mean? So demanding.

Diana said...

Ah, I feel your pain. I'd like to tell you that it gets better, but really, I still get a lot of answers of "Yes-No", which leave me utterly perplexed.

Perhaps the signs mean different things to her than they do to you. So on the bright side, she could be communicating perfectly. Just not to you.