Friday, May 30, 2008

TV Gold

What ever happened to the adventure drama?
I grew up on them. You know, A-Team, AirHawk, MacGyver, and--
Knight Rider.
Ohhh, Knight Rider. You rock my world.
What ever happened to that loner (or group of loners) who takes on the Bad Guys who are harassing helpless people/Beautiful Woman and also drive cool Vehicles? Possibly that talk?
Yeah, I knew you couldn't think of any current examples.
Those TV execs. They don't have any sense whatsoever. I mean, I really dig those "macho man rescues hapless female" story lines, the shiny black camaro/van with red stripe/helicopter/whatever MacGyver drove, and the ridiculous NGO supporting the one man army (FLAG, the Foundation for Law and Government from Knight Rider). The leather jackets or low-rider jeans and the aviator glasses! Mr. T's chains!
Also the ridiculous story lines: KITT meets his match in a super-charged 18 wheeler! KITT meets his match in a pit of toxic ooze! KITT meets his match in the form of his sort of twin brother, KARR, who has been programmed to save himself, rather than save human life first.* (Programmer says, whoopsie!)
Note: Can cars have twin brothers? How does the splitting of the egg work?
There's a lot of ridiculous TV on, but arguably, there's nothing this ridiculous.
Well, maybe.
I might need to go on NBC and watch some of the old episodes. Or possibly read David Hasselhoff's autobiography, Don't Hassle the Hoff.
Or I could go eat some Funyuns.

*What does it say about me that I can remember these plots but I often forget my keys/hat/wallet/sunglasses? What is wrong with my brain?

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