Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Just joined facebook.
Had been resisting. May not use it very much. But was pleasantly surprised to find a few long-lost friends that might even add me as friends.
But Facebook is kind of weird.
Very weird.
For example: the self-definition. I define my Political Views! My Religion! I was trying to be ironic (I put Jesus Freak) but there are many other people who share that religion, and it looked less ironic than, well, like I actually define myself as a Jesus Freak.
Also: The running commentary of Things I have Just Done. I.E., "Heather has just updated her profile." "Heather has just started using FaceBook, after avoiding it for years!" "Heather is Married!" "Heather just picked her nose." Well, not that last one. I haven't set up the webcam yet.
Also: the whole friends thing. That's the other part of the running commentary. My bro-in-law and two friends have added me already (thanks, guys). But when I add them, it says, "Heather and ____ have become friends!" Which kind of ignores the fact that each of the three people have been friends with me for years. More than a decade, in one case.
Anyway, look me up if you're all facebooky, yourself. I don't actually really need another time suck (besides this one) but Oh Well!
Heather just finished Blogging! Heather is going to go get ice cream! Heather is going to go to bed on time, in a few hours!
Heather is shutting up now!

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hcpark said...

Howdy heather, good to be connected again. Yes I find the whole thing convenient and weird. For ex, I connected with a friend I haven't seen since about 1985. That's middle school for me, and, now I can tell when she's doing what. strange. welcome to the great connectedness...