Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello, Dominos?

Do we not feed her enough? Because recently, Lucy has taken to ordering takeout.

L: Picks up the phone. Dials. "'Lo. Taaacooos. Cheeeeese. Poppers*. Saaalsa. Chicken. Bye-bye."


L: Picks up the phone. Dials. "Papa**! Ham, butts***? Cheese. Sammmwich. Apple, bar*****? Bye-bye."

No, we barely ever order takeout. So no idea where she got this from. I guess this girl knows food.

**Dyami's dad.
***Okay, so D's great-uncle Caliri always used to say he was getting ham by saying, "I'm-a gonna go get some porka-butts!" So I said that, in jest, to L the other day, and it became "butts", and then when I explained it was another name for ham, and please call it ham, please, pretty-please? it turned into "ham, butts". With a comma because it takes her a while to say two words strung together. And a question mark because that's her two-word intonation.
****The Lara bar, "Apple Pie" flavor, with the two-word intonation. This was a snack we gave Lucy once, about 6 months ago. One. Time. And which she remembers every day and asks for. Every. Day. And has started singing songs about. Along with the ham, butts?
The song is kind of a "My Favorite Things," from the sound of music. It goes something like this. (Piano playing). "Apple, bar? lalalalala. Tacos. lalalalalala. Lalalala. Ham, butts?"

Hopefully she doesn't learn a real takeout number anytime soon. Cause I think they would be confused. And perhaps a little offended.

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