Monday, February 16, 2009


Nyquil is great, don't get me wrong.
That's why I took some last night, right? When the coughing woke me from a sound sleep, I poured some of the evil green liquid into a tiny plastic cup, gulped, and then collapsed back on the bed.
Drugged sleep = Glorious.

Except when the sleep is finished, but the drugged is not.
The small one woke me up pretty late, actually (please, God, is the pattern of 5 am wakeups over? Please?) but the Nyquil was just getting started. I didn't feel too bad--no headache/hangover/delerium tremens.
Only my brain was still someplace tucked in our rumpled sheets.
At playgroup, I wanted to manually coax the thinking gears into motion. Shouldn't there be a little crank or hand pedals someplace? I kept looking at the other moms and thinking--"Conversation. Right. Got to make conversation. Conversation....How do I talk again?"
Got through lunch at the hour before nap, watching the clock minute by minute.
Fell asleep like a log and barely noticed the time pass by. Two hours felt like ten minutes.
Thankfully, my head is now more clear. Except I missed most of the day.

Question: tonight, when I start coughing again, do I go for the Nyquil?
Oh, drugged sleep. How tempting you are. Except for the drugged awake part, you're totally worth it.


Susan said...

I have a firm rule to only take it before nine, eight is even better. That way I sleep through most of the drug before I need to be coherent again. Although I'm still not especially sharp the morning (afternoon or evening) after.

LisaBella said...

Do what you have to get better quickly so that you can enjoy your wonderful trip :)

Diana said...

I am sometimes desperate enough to take something in the night just to get back to sleep. I figure I will either be groggy from getting up at 3am or be groggy from the meds, so I go for the sleep. Plus you got a nap. I say to go for it.