Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lucy's favorite story

It's a true one. (Really).

1. In which the small woodland creatures perpetrate a home invasion.

Once upon a time, Dyami left the door open. The sliding glass door to the living room, because our cat is annoying, and in the warm summer months, wants to go in and/or out every five minutes (Yes, it was locked in the ajar position).

So, we went to bad with the door open. And then, we woke up to a very loud crunching sound. Something was eating our cat's food. Except it didn't sound like our cat.

2. In which man and beast face off.

We went into the kitchen to see what (the heck) was making the noise. Flipped on the light and saw a very small (tiny!) baby possum that somehow managed to sound like a bulldozer when eating kibble.
The possum blinked. And then it turned and ran underneath our dishwasher.

3. Enter the robotic car.

Dyami didn't want to reach underneath the dishwasher, or even go anywhere close to the dishwasher. I didn't want him to either. Possums, even baby ones, have very sharp claws/teeth.
So the obvious solution was to go get our small, remote-controlled yellow car and send it underneath the dishwasher to try to scare the baby possum back out the door from whence it came.

4. Vrooom.

Dyami expertly maneuvers the car underneath the dishwasher. Zoom! (sound of squealing breaks)
Where it gets stuck.
Along with the baby possum.

5. In which we go back to bed.

We looked at each other, shrugged, opened the kitchen sliding door, and turned off the lights.
Oh, and we also shut the door to our bedroom.

6. In which there is a tearful reunion (we think).

In the morning, the possum was gone. We tell Lucy that it went outside and found its momma and dadda.
Or it took the tiny car on a joyride, returned it to the dishwasher, and then wrote a memoir.
Either way, we decided to stop leaving the door open.
In the morning,


King of the Mazza Monkeys said...

That is frickin' hilarious....yes, best to leave the door shut and locked. If baby possum tells momma possum where to get free kibble, then Dyami does not want to be anywhere near that....momma possums are ferocious!

Espi, Lisa and Isabella said...

This needs to be a children's book! I can see the animations now :) Have you ever seen the Hammy Hamster Show? Your reminds me of the show.

Heather said...

so funny, Lisa--I was totally trying to visualize a kid's book. I got stuck trying to decide whether the POV should be from the possom or Dyami's or Lucy's point of view. Of course, Lucy wasn't born when this happened, but you'd never convince her of that now.

Heather said...

Sadly, I think the possoms know we are easy marks, Jamie. As do all the neighborhood cats. They laugh as they eat our kibble (which is now usually outside, but only during the day).