Thursday, March 12, 2009

my new start page

The past few days when I'd open up a web browser, I kept getting weird search results. Lucy has gotten hold of my keyboard a few times, so I just figured that she'd typed something in the google search box and I was getting the results.
Except then I realized it was happening even when I opened a new browser window. And that it always pointed to the same page.
Which meant that she changed my start page.
To gh gv cv [≈ ji/uyyyyyipl=/ii][]j[]˚ˆ¨];kukj;˚˙];∆–,
Somehow, the girl opened my preferences, found the "Start Page" field, and started adding gibberish.

Question: Does this mean that she is way more computer savvy than I thought?
If so, why can't she type yet?


Susan said...

Ella can bring up a screen that says "Are you sure you want to delete your hard drive?" with two strokes.

Todd Stadler said...

Okay, is that really what she changed it to? Because I find myself wondering, "How did she manage to come up with the keystrokes for ≈, ˚, and ∆?"

I guess this speaks more to her determined nature than mere keyboard-mashing, which tends to produce sequences like "9;y;yw;9/oyhw;/ywowy j;tu6rzsd" (trust me; I just mashed my keyboard to produce that sequence!).