Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the gourmand

Lucy is quite entranced by real tools--the tape dispenser, the pencil sharpener, and, now, the knives. Occasionally I let her cut things with a paring knife. Very soft things, like bananas and oranges. (Confession: I tried to let her cut a baby carrot, and was white-knuckling it while she very carefully tried to muscle her way through the slices. Surprisingly, three-year-olds do not have the hand strength for vegetables. Who knew?).

So, if you're going to cut a bunch of fruit, what do you make? Fruit salad, of course. The first time we made some, I directed the recipe: your standard bananas, oranges, apples and frozen blueberries.

Today, Lucy took over. And decided that the salad really needed some frozen peas.

A few notes:

1. It makes sense, really. Frozen blueberries: small, round, frozen. Peas: small, round. Also frozen.
2. They look nice in the mix. Very rainbow.
3. Peas: they're a fruit, right? Or are they more of a seed?
4. Lucy happily ate the mix.
5. I gamely tried it. For a moment, I thought, "What if it's a good combination? Who knows?"


6. Not a good combination. Whether they're a fruit or not, they should not be combined with very finely-chopped bananas. Ick.

So what's next? Edamame and mango? Green beans with pear?


Todd Stadler said...

I'm glad you tried the fruit salad with peas. I, too, was wondering if it just might work -- peas can be fairly sweet. And we all know fruit salad is often lacking in the strong, green part of the spectrum. Your wan melons will not cut it.

I still think edamame and mango just might work. And doing a Google search for those two ingredients shows I'm not alone. It's because mango goes well with salt, I think.

Also, peas? Totally not fruit. Seeds.

Heather said...

had a similar reaction--"why the heck not?"
But there is a reason.
Now pea-nuts, I could do.