Monday, February 1, 2010

tired tired tired tired tired

I'm tired.

Today I'm am functional-tired, which is good. Better than the non-functioning tired of the weekend. But I do notice a lot more bumping into things, trouble forming coherent sentences, and general confusion. This morning I felt pretty good, but I still couldn't answer simple questions.

It's funny how quickly one goes from getting decent rest to, well, not. A few weeks ago, I was actually exercising after the kids went to bed.

Oh, those were the days.

A few more hours of rest last night made me feel human again, and a lot more optimistic about getting through the rest of this 3-month-old thing. My children, they do not sleep well at 3-4 months. So onward to the phases of infantdom I like better!

I had planned on being witty or at least specific with the imagery and concrete examples for this post, but instead, I am tired.

It will have to do.


Melissa said...

The word "infantdom" kind of freaks me out. I think maybe it's too close to "phantom" for my liking.

Also: Hoping the sleep gets sweeter soon.

Heather said...

thanks! and thankfully, it already got better! yea!
Perhaps the word is infanthood? See--the tiredness saps my inner dictionary.