Monday, July 26, 2010

don't be flexible

Okay: I admit it. Generally, my goal in parenting is to let go a little bit and not be so, well, uptight. To let my standards slide just a bit.
But last week? I should have listened to my Type-A self.
Beach + mobile baby + very cute wool hand-washable* pants = one nasty clean up job. I was trying to be spontaneous, to not think about the consequences. I let Julia crawl around without removing said pants. Because she loved being in the sand! And after all, it's just dirt, right?
Very sticky dirt. Very sticky and small dirt. That saturated the pants so that ten rinses later, there is still grit on my hands when I touch the stupid pants.
Oddly enough, the beach is not a good place to be laid-back.

*I know, I know, what the heck am I doing, putting hand-washable pants on my baby? It's for cloth diapering, okay? And don't worry--I only wash them once in a while--since wool is anti-microbial--I just let them dry out! ANd they're fine! Well, at least for my slip-shod standards.


Melissa said...

Uncovered diaper + beach works ok, as does naked + beach. But wool soakers are not for the laid-back, methinks... :)

Heather said...

Yes, why I didn't just take off the pants, I'll never understand. I choose to not be type A at all the wrong moments.