Thursday, July 8, 2010

feeling: wistful

Julia woke up screaming last night--
an hour after bedtime--very unusual.
I picked her up, rocked, patted.
She relaxed, head on my neck
Crooking, trembling, snorting, breathing magic.

She is almost nine months old.

I am all done having babies
I am all done having babies
I am all done having babies
I am all done having babies
I am all done having babies
I am all done having babies

Join Melissa at Making Things Up for some good, old-fashioned six-word Fridays!


Melissa said...

She will always breathe magic. Always.

da mainiac mama said...

My youngest didn't completely sleep through the night until he was in his big boy bed. He was 2.

Anonymous said...

Breathing magic. Sweet bliss it is.

hlc said...

"breathe magic"-- great image! And I thought I was done having babies, too, but here we are, trying for one! Stopping by from Making Things Up, Six Word Fridays!

cj Schlottman said...

I'm joining the chorus. "Breathe magic,"
is a perfect phrase that frames
what all of us mothers know.



Justine said...

Breathe magic - lovely imagery.

My daughter's been sleeping through the night since 11 months but that's when we get spoiled because when she wakes up halfway, we are bleary-eyed and can't seem to wake up. Last night I slept for 2 hours thanks to her. An anomaly, but still very very painful.

And I'm not done having babies :)

Abi said...

Magic breathed at 1am at our house too. Very unusual for us. Was there some sort of memo I missed?

Heather said...

thanks, all. Tonight she set her head down on my neck again, just for a moment, before I put her in her crib. My girls are so wakeful that I can't remember that happening more than a handful of times. Ah, these babies. They sure know how to make us want more of them.