Wednesday, October 27, 2010

an amoire of one's own

I've been deskless since we've moved. My old ugly one got absorbed into Dyami's office, and my only place to pay bills and store papers was on our kitchen counter. I didn't realize how much it was bothering me until I had an inspiration: take over an awkward, largish corner in our bedroom, buy an amoire desk instead of an open one, and possibly move my sewing stuff there too, so I might be able to do a project without setting up in the middle of dinner.

A few weeks and a craig's list ad later, I have my desk. And instead of being ugly, and white, and exposed, it's cool, and black, and can be shut. Today, Lucy was opening and closing the doors, and I said (nicely), "Lucy, this is going to be my private space. Please leave the doors shut."
She looked up at me, nodded, and shut the doors.

Imagine! A private space! It's revolutionary!

I think my writing is going to get a whole lot cooler. Just be prepared.

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joe and stacy said...

weird that i read your post right after another one about a 'mom cave' - there's some contest for a gift card mentioned (this blog's contest is expired but she mentions another one in her entry) and you're so eloquent that I wanted to forward it to you...