Thursday, October 7, 2010

commuting to fantasyland

These worlds within worlds inside Lucy:
ballet studio, disney vacation, surprise party
artist's lair, runaway hidey-hole, store,
all meant to be populated continually,
by us, to her exact specifications:
I'd like to be fecund, excited,
participate each time, inhabit those worlds,
but my magic is often fitful.
Why is being childlike so hard?

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Anonymous said...

I often struggle with this as well. Let me know when you get it figured out.

Elle said...

I thought it would get easier as my daughter got

Melissa said...

Someone else's imagination can be exhausting.
Trying to play along, follow rules...
I run out of energy quickly.

Ms. Monet said...

Bit by bit, I find that
My imagination spreads its fragile wings,
And takes flight with my kids'
Only I'm a few steps behind.

Heather said...

What relief! I'm not all alone.
I'm finding, as she gets older
she can go to fantasyland herself,
with me more as a tourist.
What fun, to see her travels.

cj Schlottman said...

indeed, why is it so difficult to let our childlike selves out? i think it's something we need to remind ourselves to do. but don't let that child run wild......broke my wrist last week while trying to dance the up-and-down twist like when i was 16. (i'm 62)! details at my blog, the red sweater.

thanks for a thought-provoking post..........cj