Thursday, May 5, 2011

lesson learned

When you're looking for important documents, get someone to hold the baby. Let them hold the baby while you flip through the filing cabinet. Without the baby, you will flip carefully, without fear that the baby will not only flip but empty. Flipping carefully ensures you will not miss the important bunch of documents, and think they were lost on an important errand or (possibly) misplaced by your spouse.

Have someone else hold the baby and you will not burst into your spouse's office and accuse him (or her, since this is hypothetical, right, and in no way based on real events, probably) of moving the files and leaving them someplace. You will not spend an hour tearing through your house, trying to breathe, but failing, since the documents with all of your personal data were probably placed in the car, which just spent days at the shop, with the documents in them, %$#@%!

Nay, have someone else hold the baby. That way, you will just see that the documents are there upon careful examination. Right there in the filing cabinet. They are there, where they always are, and you won't embarrass yourself with accusations or flights of fancy, or panic.

Just hand that baby over now, please.

Trust me.

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