Tuesday, May 3, 2011

new things

Besides the excitement of the gas leak scare, we've been having a few busy days. After we came back from evacuating, we welcomed painters to our house to paint some accent walls. We evacuated again to the zoo to give them time to paint two walls downstairs without young children dipping fingers into the paint. Then, just for fun, we added a mommy's night out, an early-morn dentist appointment, and a feverish, fussy baby all day, and we're sort of wandering around our house, wondering where things are, and what time we get to go to bed.

But: paint! (Yolo Colorhouse shown here: Water 06) Lovely and so perfect, and as satisfying as accent walls can be when the rest of the walls are still (sigh) white. But it's better! And it actually looks like people live here semi-permanently.

Also: we got an ant farm today. The ants are busy making their house a home, as are we.

So, ants, paint, zoo, dentist, and a snuggly, feverish baby. It did not feel like it was going to be a great day this morning, but it turned out to be lovely.

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