Tuesday, August 2, 2011

golden, then black

Lucy came home from camp, and we played for nearly thirty minutes. Games she learned in camp, then games made up, inspired by the camp ones. Wax works and body moving and freezing and balance and trickery. We laughed. We reconnected. It was golden.

Then I realized it was also very quiet.

To the kitchen! Where Julia was discovered with a Sharpie and some (very dry) drawings on our lovely dining table that Dyami refinished.

I was very, very bummed. I scrubbed with rubbing alcohol and then baking soda. I made the marks--and also the finish--more dim. But I did not remove either completely.

Now, writing it, I realize something: sad as I am that the table is marked, it will always remind me of my husband's hard work, and also both of my daughters. Vividly.

Those golden minutes of play. So precious. So (really) worth it.

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