Thursday, August 11, 2011

sissy ja-ja's

Sister's pajamas catch magic in seams;
clearly, Julia can wear nothing else.
Try: sneaking off shirts when eating.
Try: leaving off pants when diapering.
Try: putting anything else on.
Error, error, error, error, error, error.

Try: buying new pajamas; matching pairs.
Sister pajamas in two different sizes.
Also: matching flowered dresses and tights.

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.


Melissa said...

Matching is a tricky solution. Nice.

ayala said...

I agree with Melissa, matching is a tricky solution. :)

Kelly said...

Love the image of your sneaky sweet one.

The need to making matching brother-sister outfits! Mine wants to be just like her big brother.

kate said...

matching: i am a big fan!
and nothing cuter than matching jams!

melgallant said...

It's interesting (sometimes frustrating) to see your child's personality come out when they want things just so. Milk in the red cup not the green. Dolly sitting on the left side, not the right! And jammy-jams that matches a sibling's pair. :)