Friday, June 8, 2007

righteous anger

So Lucy woke up this morning at five.
That was after two other wakeups and a normal bedtime. No particular reason why she should have woken early. (I know, I know, besides the fact that she's a baby).
After 40 minutes of nursing/bathroom breaks where she screamed/random tickling (read: super-annoying) with her flailing arms/her pausing during sucking and gumming my nipple (ouch!) I got up in a very foul mood.

I went into the prone position on the bed and prayed. Because I was in a very foul mood and I was blaming all the wakeups on Dyami.

I know, I know, this makes little sense. But see, he had the audacity to sleep while I was getting up. And not move when I was traipsing back and forth from the bathroom to the bed. And to ask if I needed anything when I got up the last time (to which I said, very severely, No.)

So I prayed, because I knew my anger was tiredness-induced and not necessarily justified (possibly, but not necessarily). Then he made things a little better by rolling over and getting up with us.
So I announced, "I'm in a REALLY BAD MOOD."
He nodded, and took care of Lucy while I went into the kitchen and made some eggs to calm my grumbling tummy. And just my grumbling.

When he came in a few minutes later, I was in a slightly better mood. I told him I had been praying that I wouldn't be quite so pissed off at him for Lucy waking up. Because I realized it maybe wasn't completely rational anger.
He laughed and thanked me for realizing that (this time). "Maybe we should give you the water bottle so you can squirt me every time Lucy wakes up. Then we can all suffer together."

I brightened up considerably and went to fetch the water bottle. He thinks he was kidding. Hahahahaha.


Melissa said...

There must have been a secret baby alarm clock going off this morning. Audrey was up well before six (she must have hit the snooze after Lucy was already awake.) She had no intention of going back to sleep. There were teeth involved. It WAS NOT pretty. There had better be an extra nap involved in this day, is all I'm sayin'.

Heather said...

maybe the babies have the equivilent of the twilight barking in 101 dalmations. Except it's the 1, 3 and 5 am fussing.
Hmmm. This is making a lot of sense.

Michelle said...

Ah! the benefits of not nursing I guess...(not out of choice, of course). Lulu woke up early today also! A nap was in my day while she was away for a while...Heather, you are soooo funny, who knew? I think you and Melissa should team up and do comedy writing!!

writermeeg said...

I'm laughing out loud. A couple nights ago Senna decided at 12:30 that she wanted it to be morning, and didn't go back to sleep until 3:30!!! Language explosion, I think. But all the exciting new verbs and phrases are really less cute when you're thoroughly exhausted (and have a cold, no less). When Alex tried to whisper to me and strategize after two hours of this, I said, "SHHHHH! Every time we talk, she gets stimulated all over again and she's up longer." Yeah, Meeg, like that's the reason. What could he do? He went back to sleep. Smart, Mom, smart.

Heather said...

I'm funny! woo hoo! I'm funny!
Okay, so it's official, the babies wake each other up. And yes, Megan, it is worse when you're suffering from a cold. Argh. That's _really_sucky.

AlegraMarcel said...

Hahahahahah!!!!! Love the last line! LOL!!!