Monday, June 4, 2007

real pretend mommy

So today my friend Martha had an emergency and needed to leave her two kids with me for a few hours, along with my friend Brenda's little girl. So I was a real pretend mommy to four kids today.
I did really good! No injuries, only some hair pulling! And I wasn't even the one pulling hair!

For those of you that didn't know me, pre-kid, I am not actually that naturally great with kids.
To be honest, I don't think most people are naturally great with kids, some of us have more practice than others.
I had no practice (yes, I was a youngest child), and no real interest in practicing (I babysat about five times...hated it).
I've done okay with Lucy--no major injuries, just some hair pulling--but I can see now how having a wee bit of practice might be a good thing. Though my friend Abi was a nanny for a while and she asks me for advice some times, which really makes me feel good. Not that I have advice to give, but it's nice to be asked, you know, so you can shake your head, sadly, and say, "Ah, I wish I knew", when really you do know, and you're just not telling.

Hack Mommy
gave me a discipline book recommendation, called Kid Cooperation, so I tried out some of the techniques today. Q: "Do we throw toys inside?" (A: "No, (but I did it anyway)). They worked pretty well, which was heartening. However, doing real discipline, one realizes how lightening quick most situations that require discipline arise. One can not run to one's library, thumb through the discipline manual, and dispense advice while the two kids fight over a potholder. One must know what one is doing. Or pretend really well.
But I did a real good job pretending!
So you can grow up, Lucy! I'm ready for you!

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