Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the rentals

We've been living with my parents off and on for about two weeks. This has gone very smoothly, except for the two times we tried to go back home, only to leave almost immediately (our longest stretch back home was about 27 hours).
The rats in our attic have apparently created a rather swiss-cheese consistancy to our pipes. One does not want to imagine what kind of flora and fauna are now growing up there, courtesy the dampness.
The exterminator was at our house this morning.
Hopefully the plumber is coming to do a re-pipe estimate tomorrow morning. This is an improvement, since the original appointment was next Tuesday.
I have no idea how long we're going to be at my parents' house.
I need to get my parents a very large bouquet.
I need to have a very large glass of wine.

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Chuck said...

You have already given your parents a big bouquet. We are getting our Lucy fix every day and getting to hang out with your and Dyami.