Monday, January 14, 2008

wish I had pictures

Of my house, that is.
Most of our kitchen is gone. Kaput. Finito. Desaparecido.
Sink? Gone. Cabinets where I put dishes? Removed. Tile counter? Buh-bye.
I went over today and gathered a harvest of long-frozen meat I'd stashed in our freezer when we left.
We are not coming back any time soon.
The water destroyed 80% of our cabinets. Since the other 20% were not that nice to begin with, and the white tile counter always looked kind of gross (thanks, white, unsealed grout!) we just scrapped the whole thing.
My mom has been redoing our layout and ordering cabinets in her spare time.
She needs a check to pay for the cabinets pretty soon here.
We're talking major buckage. Sure, a lot of it will be given back, but the # of decimal places involved is making a tad nervous. Since we also have to pay for the fancy new copper pipes they threaded through our house.
But we'll have a nice new kitchen when we're done.
My newly greened self is feeling guilty for the construction we've planned. The thing is, the cabinets were all water damaged (even the non-moldy ones were 20 years old and not that nice to begin with). So we're justified with killing new trees, right?
Please tell me I'm feeling needless guilt.


Rob said...

Your feeling needless guilt. Its a really tragic thing to have to go through... you both deserve something new and nice out of it
My 2 Cents,

Melissa said...

Needless guilt, absolutely. Unless maybe you're planning to go chop down some rain forest to build yourself new cabinets, in which case, you know, MAYBE you can have some guilt.

But you're not disposing of old cabinets capriciously, you're using fewer resources by staying with family while you reno, and you're replacing old stuff with more energy-efficient stuff (okay, I made that last one up, but I needed three for my list).