Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everything that's not supposed to be hot today, is.

There's nothing that makes me feel sorrier for my baby girl that having her run a fever. This time, it's a little, warm-to-the-touch head and cheeks, laying on my lap, wanting to nurse all day and taking an early, early nap kind of fever. It's not a panicked-my-God-what's-wrong-with-her sort of fever. Well, I was a bit worried, except we were at our house, and she wiggled her bottom and pointed to the stereo and said, "Dance?"
So she can't feel too terrible.
In other news, we discovered today that when we got our house repiped, the toilet got hooked up to the hot water heater. Which means that we can now wash dishes in the potty. Or something.

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Susan said...

If you flush with hot water do you still have to clean the toilet?