Tuesday, April 22, 2008

moving on

Am I lazy?

We're primed to move back into our house. Our plumbing is almost re-attached (since it had been flatlining since Christmas, this is momentous). We have taken over some things from here that we haven't been using (a box of cheerios! A frisbee! Playsilks! Don't ask why we bothered taking these things over here. I don't know.)

Today, I lay on our nice, nice bed with Lucy for a short nap. And...I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of us moving back in.

Part of my distaste was the strong smell of cat piss wafting over the bed. This bummed me out, especially since I was nursing, and thus couldn't determine the source. I kept thinking: Is it on our nice, nice bed? Is it on our nice, nice bed? But I couldn't move to check it. (Answer: no. It was on a shoe caddy we'd stashed there while our carpet got cleaned. Bed and mother are doing fine.) Still though, home shouldn't smell like urine. Ever. (on a side note: Am I a crazy green-nik if I decide to try to wash the shoe caddy rather than throw it away? It requires some jerryrigging, since the thing has some cardboard built into it. Please, help me get a grip on myself and my carbon-reducing urges).

But it wasn't just the cat piss. I'm kind of a neatnik (I almost typed "neat-freak", but I'm being kind to myself) and the house is kind of a pit. Everything is undone, or half-done, or, at best, extremely dusty. There are little screws sitting out all over everything. The pictures are off the wall. The water pressure is kaput. The master bath shower isn't currently functioning (it's unconnected with all the other plumbing problems we've been having---sigh). And the only room that's roughly in the same shape that we left it is the living room. Everything else is in shambles.

Last time we did a cleaning run, a few weeks ago, I felt cheered by how much better everything looked. Now I realize that's just because things were even worse before.

Then there are the new projects: we are going to move Lucy into her own bedroom, which requires some thought about what a room for her will look like.
And the kitchen. Did I mention the kitchen? It's now completely different. As in I have to reorganize everything. Which sounded exciting when I was helping design it (finally! we got rid of that completely useless cabinet!) but now sounds overwhelming with my dishes and spices and silverware stacked in the corner. Oh, and I have to restock the fridge and pantry that have sat empty for the past four months.

I feel very...tired when thinking about all of this. Our living situation is very stopgap here, but it's now feeling like a permanent sort of stopgap. Laundry has a place, as does my toothbrush, as do the groceries I just bought.
As of right now, I don't know where to put the box of Cheerios, or the play silks. As luck would have it, however, I do have a place for the Frisbee.
Go figure.

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