Thursday, June 26, 2008

clear as mud

Dyami tried to help Lucy improve the English today. Here was the exchange.
Lucy, pointing to a picture of a rabbit: "Rabbit."
Dyami: "Good! You haven't said that before. You're right. It's a bunny rabbit."
Lucy, confused: "Babbit?"
Dyami: "It's a bunny. Bunny!"
Lucy: "Money?"
Dyami: "No, see, a bunny is a baby rabbit."
Lucy: "Baby?"
Dyami: "No, no, it's not a baby."
Lucy, the light clicking on: "Momma."

See, we really should homeschool our child, because we definitely make things clearer for her with our instruction.

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meeshka said...

ahhh, thanks for giving me a nice chuckle! I can just picture this exchange. HA!

Thursday might work for walking, depends if my mom is still here...

Tuesdays will be beach days at Ponto with me and Sarah. We decided. All are welcome. I am very burnt from today.Forgot my sunscreen application...sigh.