Monday, July 7, 2008


I try to be careful with language around Lucy, because she is at the mynah bird stage. However. One can only be so careful. Many words that you wouldn't think are perilous...are. Some examples:


And there's no going back, either. When I taught her "Dildo," I said, "Oh, I meant--it's an aardvark! Can you say aardvark?"
Lucy, proudly: "Dildo!"
I have no idea if an aardvark and an armadillo are even in the same genus, but hey, zoological accuracy was not a top priorty. Luckily, it's unlikely to come up in polite conversation. Or impolite for that matter.
However, with my luck, someone will mention that funky shirt that the armadillo has on, and it'll all be over.


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome! I deeply regret "pee-you!" when something, ONE time, smelled bad. Well Ginger seized on it and tries to impress just about everyone she meets with how funny it is. Then, I'm not sure how, her Obama shirt got associated with the bad smell thing and now if she sees the shirt or Obama himslef, it's "pee-you Bama!"

Diana said...

But on the plus side, if she ever does pick up one of your little slips, you have a whole list of clever, clean substitutes. "She didn't just say sh*t. She said SHIRT, EAT SHIRT, as in stuff your mouth with something before you say anything else nasty." Hmm... didn't come out so clever.

Melissa said...

Drat, I forgot to ask Lucy what she thinks of her armadillo shirt. Is it funky? Maybe next time.