Saturday, January 17, 2009


We got the new Killers album a few weeks ago and are enjoying it immensely. After Lucy decided that it was okay not to listen to Maroon 5 every time we turned on a CD she decided she liked the album. Especially song #2, "Human."

For any of you who have heard it, it is awesome in its cheese (and I also have to dance to it pretty much every time it comes on). Driving eighties pop/synth vibe, full on lighter-worthy anthem voice, and lyrics that make absolutely no sense.

Lucy likes singing along, which really increases the amusement. Here's a sample:

Killers: My sign is vital!
Lucy: Bidah.
Killers: My hands are cold!
Lucy: Told.
Killers: And I'm on my knees, looking for the answers...
Lucy: Knee. Sansers.
Killers: Are we human?
Lucy: Hoiman.
Killers: Or are we dancers? (?!?!?!?)
Lucy: Dancer.
Cue rising dance beat/pop synphonics/crazy dancing in a circle with Mama and Daddy.

My favorite comment on this song is Rolling Stone's observation that most dancers are, in fact, human. Perhaps the Killers haven't noticed? Are their dance moves that bad?

When asked, Lucy says that she is a "dancer", not a "hoiman."
What is clear: she is a pop-rock maniac.

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