Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I decided to blow Lucy's mind this morning. Turned on the hose in a little patch of dirt in our backyard, took off her (nice white) skirt and said, "Do you want to get dirty?"

Turns out she didn't, not really.

See, I thought she'd take after Dyami. When he was her age, he'd politely come to his mother and say, "Play mud, please?" She'd strip him down and leave him to splash in puddles.

Lucy on the other hand, played for about two minutes, then asked for a napkin.
A napkin?

"It's okay to be dirty, honey," I said.
She gave me a look.
"Really. When you're done, we'll put you in the bath."

She took a few more minutes, asked for a napkin one more time, and then was done. And was clearly disturbed to have mud all over herself.

When I started to put her in the bath, she shook her head at first. "Dirt," she said, pointing to her knee.
Apparently making mud pies actually requires practice.

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Melissa said...

Keep trying. I bet she gets the hang of it after a couple times.