Friday, June 19, 2009

Are you (freaking) kidding?

I purchased my PG Tips a few days ago from my local British food store. (PG Tips! Oh ever-loving caffeinated nectar!)

Anyway, I love the store: it's all china teapots, chocolate, and weird prepackaged cakes marked as "pudding". And very large boxes of PG Tips.
I told Lucy to take the box of tea to the front counter. After the saleslady mentioned that she used about twelve bags a day (two is about my limit before the jitters start), the saleslady asked Lucy, "Do you drink this tea?"
I thought she was joking, and laughed. Uproariously. Because what kind of fool would give their toddler caffeine? (Cause this tea is _strong_. Which is why I drink it).

The woman sniffed and looked a little offended. "My mum used to give it to us in our baby bottles," she said.

I blinked a few times. I think the woman thought I thought that the caffeine would damage my child in some way.
No, actually. I think giving it to her would damage me.

It occurs to me now: how did the British get to be known as the phlegmatic, staid country with that much caffeine running through their veins?
I guess they're competing with the Italians, who drink straight espresso.
Remind me never to babysit Italian toddlers.

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