Wednesday, June 3, 2009

our night life

Yesterday an envelope came from Netflix. It was one of our favorite TV shows, The Closer. Lucy saw it and asked what it was. "It's a video called The Closer that we watch sometimes when you're in bed," I told her.
"You mean you not watch Between the Lions?"
I blinked, and then said, "No, honey, we don't watch Between the Lions without you."

Which led me to imagine what Lucy thinks we do after she goes to bed:
"Honey? You put the video in?"
"Yep! Let's watch the "Piggyback, Piggyback" episode, then finish off with "Popcorn Popper."
"Great. We should have some frozen blueberries, too. With milk and Cheerios. And maybe finish it off by dumping all of the Scrabble pieces out on the floor and then spinning them around on the game board until they fall off."
"Awesome! I've been waiting for this all day!"

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Wait, aren't there pony rides?

No wonder toddlers never want to go to bed.