Friday, October 9, 2009

cuddle buddy notes

For those of you uninitiated, a "cuddle buddy" is a sock or little pillow filled with rice or flaxseed or other grain that you can put in the microwave and heat up and get a nice little hot pad. My personal favorite use for this is to prevent me from coughing when I have a cold.

Note: When sewing the cuddle buddy, finish the fabric edges, because otherwise they fray.

Note: When the fabric frays, the seams come apart and leave little holes.

Note: Rice or flaxseed leaks readily out of those little holes.

Note: When people talk about not eating cookies in bed, they should also mention how a liberal sprinkling of grains inside the sheets also does not feel so great.

Note: You can try temporarily fixing the frayed hole with a bulldog clip in the middle of the night. This will seem like a good idea because it's the middle of the night.

Note: Fixing the hole with a bulldog clip is not a good idea.

Note: When you want to re-heat the cuddle buddy in the microwave, remember to remove the bulldog clip because (duh!) it's metal.

Note: You won't remember to remove the clip because (duh!) it's the middle of the night.

Note: When you scorch fabric (luckily not enough to make a fire, like that infamous cookie incident a week ago), it tends to disintigrate.

Note: Even more than when you don't finish the seam edges.

Note: You will notice this as you are getting into bed. In the dark.

Note: There is a lot of flaxseed in one cuddle buddy.

Note: When you try to think of some way of repairing the now hopelessly holey cuddle buddy, give up. Just do without--or, better yet! find a different, unscorched, intact cuddle buddy. Somewhere in the room. Because what chance do you have of sleeping if you're hacking up phlegm, anyway?

Note: Next time, leave the bulldog clips where they belong--in the pencil drawer.

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Todd Stadler said...

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

I've heard a liberal sprinkling of flaxseed between the sheets is good for digestion. True?