Sunday, October 4, 2009

road safety notes

Yesterday, Dyami made a right turn. I saw a car barrelling through the U-turn right into our lane--right at us--just as Dyami was looking away.
I kind of yelped as a warning.
But instead of looking at the oncoming traffic, Dyami looked at me. I thought--why the heck are you looking at me instead of traffic? Don't you hear me yelping? I was so flustered, I couldn't say anything until we were (thankfully) out of danger.
"I was trying to warn you that a car was there," I said. I think I sounded a bit exasperated.
"I thought you were going into labor," he said.

Ah. That's why he was looking at me.

Note to self: In the next few weeks, use words, not grunts or yelps.

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