Monday, May 24, 2010

seven things

So Melissa at making things up nominated me for a "versatile blogger award". Thanks, Melissa! That means I have to post seven things about myself, and nominate some other bloggers to spread the love.

  1. I drink two cups of PG Tips each day. This replaces my old standby, Empress Tea. PG Tips is the Lipton of the UK; it is also strong and tasty! It is also available (for now) at my local grocery, which far beats special-ordering from Canada.
  2. My two daughters and my cat all feature names from Beatles songs (Lucy, Julia, and Eleanor). The cat and the second daughter were intentional. Lucy, well, let's say we were more influenced by CS Lewis.
  3. We hung up some pictures in our new house yesterday. Oh, my gosh--in a rental with plain white walls, pictures sure make a big difference.
  4. Dyami is doing the cooking this week and last. We decided to switch off after me doing about 95% of the cooking for our marriage of (wow) nearly eight years. I really like cooking (and hate dishes, thus our previous arrangement), but you know, there is something to be said for someone else's brain coming up with menus. This last week: Pasta a aglio i olio, cornmeal crusted orange roughy, and teriyaki beef.
  5. I am eating an enormous amount of food lately. Especially protein. This is more obvious now that Dyami is shopping for meats. What seems reasonable for him is about half of what I feel like consuming. I felt a bit odd about this until I realized that I am still exclusively nursing a nearly 15 pound baby. Who just started moving in earnest. Bring on the tri-tip.
  6. When I was little, I hand-labeled my books with little stickers on the spine and set up my own library sorting system. When we had Lucy, we dragged my old children's books over from my parents, and Dyami had a good laugh over my categories (PEO for books about people! Cause really, that narrows it down significantly!)
  7. Julia is ready to be picked up. And thus ends this post.
I nominate:
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postmommy said...

I had a dog named Lucy because of a Beatles song!

All of my animals would probably be named after Beatles songs if we didn't have a system of "taking turns" naming the animals...hehe.

Can your husband come teach mine how to do the cooking, even for just a week? Totally jealous of that!!

Heather said...

I'm so thankful he can cook. I don't know why it took me so long to let him use his skills. Totally bone-headed of me :)