Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A few days ago, I unpacked three boxes!
Yes, we moved in April. Yes, I am a little behind.
I found:
  • Halloween acoutrements, just in time for Halloween! (Note to self: Lucky timing)
  • A stereo. Does one have too many posessions, when one can have a stereo in a box for nine months, and not notice it missing?
  • A butterfly finger puppet.
  • Clothes labeled "pre-pregnancy". That could have been labeled "pre-2005". Much of which still does not fit. I decided the post-pregnancy weight wins, and put the stash in the donation bins. I always used to wonder why women hung on to so much old clothing that didn't fit, until I entered the fun rollercoaster of pregnancy. Really, I might still go back to that size in a few more months. Or not. It's anyone's guess!
  • Our wedding album. Lucy had never seen it, at least not in her current memory. We sat on our bed and paged through the shiny pages, and saw pictures of "momma and her sisters" (my sister, and two friends, but perhaps Lucy is more accurate). Pictures taken around our church, which Lucy knows well. Pictures of our wedding cake, which interested me not at all (not a cake fan) and Lucy tremendously. Pictures of me and Dadda, and Dadda and me, and lots of other people she knows. Pictures of her oldest cousins when they were younger than she is now.
Lucy now has a stereo, has seen pictures of her beloved (but mostly forgotten) Nana, pictures of Grandma lacing my wedding dress, and has learned the word "boutonniere". Also, she has a butterfly finger puppet.

In other words, treasures.

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