Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm cold, Mama

We got home from the library today, and Lucy started complaining about being cold. It caught me off guard, because the girl usually goes around in tank tops and shorts in all weather and refuses sweaters. But it was breezy in the house, and turning colder, and she was shivering. I sent her upstairs for clothes, and she came back down with a long sleeved shirt, a fuzzy hat, and mittens.

She was still shivering, so I gave her hot tea. A few minutes later, she said she felt better, but she still wanted a blanket, and a pillow to lie down on, and was kind of quiet. Suddenly, my brain connected the dots.

So I put my hand on her head. Blazing hot.

Oh, dear. Looks like we did not dodge the bullet on Julia giving the illness to Lucy. Towels going on the bed tonight, not just outside the door.

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Melissa said...

Drat! Feel better, lovelies.