Friday, November 5, 2010

in SoCal, it's "seasons"

I spent a year in Argentina,
seasons switched: almost three winters straight.
Every year, I've dreaded lengthening days.
Ten years later I'm finally recovered;
I'm looking forward to seasons' change.
Darker afternoons, hot chocolate, rain, wool,
Roast turkey, candles, peppermint, Christmas parades
Watching TV under a down comforter.

The weather forecast today is 82.


Anonymous said...

Yep, still waiting on a change of's finally started to cool off over here in North Cackalacky!

Heather said...

We even got rain for weeks;
I hate a bait and switch.

Anonymous said...

weather is a fickle friend. Here we are having our fall and winter late. But it is chilly now. and possibly snow this weekend.
I am ready for the idea of winter far more than the reality of it.

Elle said...

The weather here in Northern California seems hotter than it was over the summer and it's November. I can't wait for the change to cold weather, it's so cozy.

The Exception said...

I LOVE the last line of this. In Virginia we are enjoying a brisk fall day with the leaves creating a patchwork on the sidewalks and streets. Given this past winter's snow fall, I am a bit uncertain as to whether I am ready for winter to arrive... let it be a long fall.

Belinda Munoz said...

Am ready for winter coat days -- by Northern California standards, that is.

Melissa said...

Yet another chance for personal growth!
You finally accept seasons, they CHANGE.
Here's hoping for grey days again...