Thursday, July 10, 2008

the litany

When we get up in the morning, we hear:
L: "Singee? Fris. Shurch! Tar! Kids! Shoes! Doctors!"
We smile. It's the litany, repeated at least four or five times, everyday. Unless it's Sunday, and Lucy picks up on the vibe. Then it's:
"Singing? Fris. Shurch! Kids! Shoes! Doctors!"
Yes, Today Lucy.
"Singing? Fris. Shurch! Kids! Shoes! Doctors!"
"Singing? Fris. Shurch! Kids! Shoes! Doctors!"
We tell her that Fris, (Chris, our good friend) will be coming after her nap. We have to pray that he's not out of town.
Then it's time to get in the car. When we get closer:
"Shurch? Singee?"
Yes, L, it's time for church and singing.
Then we rehearse for the worship service: I sing (singee!) and Dyami plays bass (tar).
Kids! Shoes! Doctors!
I have to keep her from running out of the sanctuary, because the kids are right outside.
The childcare, that is. Where they serve shoes (juice) and doctors (crackers).
Once we get back in the car after bedtime to go home, she asks again. "Singing? Fris. Shurch! Kids! Shoes! Doctors!"
No, Lucy, not till next week.
It can't come soon enough. For any of us.

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meeshka said...

oh how fun! I remember those days! It seems like just a hop skip and jump and she'll be talking all the time in complete sentences.