Wednesday, July 30, 2008

shaking the family tree

We just got back from my in-laws. Lucy had a great time with Nana and Poppa, and keeps talking about them. So we've been having conversations about how we're all related.
Today, Dyami had a (reportedly successful) time explaining that Nana and Poppa are his Mama and Dada. He came inside to have Lucy tell me about it. Here's the transcript:
L: (Seeing some granola on the ground) Cereal! Cereal!
D: Lucy? Lucy! Lucy, who is my dada?
L: Poppa.
H: Wow, Lucy! That's right!
L: Cereal! Cereal!
D: Did you find some cereal?
L: Uh-huh.
D: Lucy, who is my momma?
L: Nana. Cereal!
D: And who is Lucy's momma?
L: Cereal!
H: Lucy, who is your dada?
L: (Pointing ad DYami) Yami. Huh.
H: And who is your momma?
L: Cereal!
D: Lucy, is your momma Heather?
L: Cereal!
Me, desperate: Am I your momma, Lucy?
L: (Shaking her head no.) Cereal, cereal, cereal!!

So there you go, folks. I've been replaced by fruits, nuts, and grains.


Anonymous said...

who ever said you weren't full of fruit and nuts yourself? Geez, what denial!

language is sooo fun!

I think you make a great cereal, btw...

Heather said...

thanks. Personally, I think I'm a nice toasted grain. Perhaps something exotic, like buckwheat.