Friday, December 19, 2008

praying lessons

Jesus said to become like little children, and I think I'm getting his drift.
Lucy's been praying before dinner.
She grabs my hands, bows her head, and says, in a tiny, nearly inaudible voice, "Food. Dada. Poppa. Nana. (Other inaudible stuff)."
Then, louder: "Amen."

Don't know where she got the sotto voce--we always pray out loud, and she's not a child that often whispers. As for her prayer's content, I think she's thanking God for food, praying for Dada to come back, and lifting up Nana and Poppa, like we've been doing so often lately.
What strikes me is the quiet. She's hesitant, even though she happily volunteers to pray. Which is kind of appropriate, given that we're talking to God.

Something about her prayer is just so earnest, so yearning, and so right. I wish I could have her pray for me all the time.

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