Monday, December 22, 2008

dyslexia solution

Dyami reminded me today that he has a weird word colorblindness. He always says "orange" when he means "green" and vice versa. He doesn't actually confuse the colors, just the words.

That reminded me of my own dyslexia: I constantly confuse the names "michelle" and "melissa". This was most embarrassing in eighth grade, when I accidentally wrote an entire yearbook entry to "Melissa" in my friend Michele's book. Talking about how glad I was we had become such close friends. Ahem.

Now I have two good friends (one apiece) named Michelle and Melissa. They live close together, know each other, and we hang out together with about equal frequency. It's a matched pair of confusion. I live in constant anxiety of calling one by the others' name. Actually, it has happened before (sorry, Michelle and Melissa. This is all old news for both of you).

Dyami suggested that I just combine the names to avoid problems.

That's why, from now on, I have two friends. Named "Militia."

That should work for everyone.


Melissa said...


I get Michelle all the time, obviously, but also--less obviously--Martha. And not as a reference to M. Stewart (ha!), just a mis-calling. Wha?

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I agree with you totally. On another aspect, my take is that child development during the early stages is extremely important and no parent should ever forget that.