Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the bladder, it is tiny

Could someone please just install bathrooms every fifty feet, please? Because that's about how long I have to walk before I need one.
There's a reason for this: in our first (and last!) ultrasound, the technician mentioned that our baby girl's* feet were positioned right on my bladder. "So you might be noticing that," he said.
Ahem. Yes. Because also, the pregnancy? It makes me unnaturally thirsty.

Recently, I've been taking Lucy to a park that's about a ten minute walk from our house. It's a sneaky way for me to get exercise, since she's getting a bit old for the "isn't it fun to have momma push you around the neighborhood?" thing. The park is just past our local jr. high and the playing fields attached to it.
The park also has no bathrooms.

This is how the walk goes:
  1. Use the bathroom before leaving the house. Then drink water, because of unnatural thirst. Then use the bathroom again, just in case.
  2. Cross the street. Do not think about water. Do not think about water.
  3. Pretend you don't have to pee. Because it has been what--20 seconds?
  4. Walk downhill. Approach Jr. High.
  5. Gate open! Walk in and look for restroom!
  6. Get lost.
  7. Find restroom. Locked.
  8. Hurry towards playing fields. Two portapotties. Ugh. But beggars can't be choosers.
  9. Plug nose. Use available facilities.
  10. Walk away from playing fields with spring in step.
  11. Get 100 feet away. Do not think about water.
  12. Pretend you don't have to pee. Because it has been what--20 seconds?
  13. Arrive at park with full bladder.
Sigh. So yes, friendly neighborhood ultrasound tech. Now that you mentioned it, I have noticed a certain lack of capacity, bladder-wise.

*See how I sneak in these announcements? Yes, two girls.


helafo said...

Congratulations on your second little girl!
-The LaForges

King of the Mazza Monkeys said...

Ha, ha....without the hint I think I would have missed that one...Congrats on your second girl!

Espi, Lisa and Isabella said... wonderful :)