Friday, May 29, 2009

Furoshiki throwdown, part two

Ha! My hon-tsusumi (two book carry wrap) took me only two minutes and seven seconds! I had two books set aside to use before I started time, and I also spread out my sarong and folded back one edge to get a more approximate square before I started timing myself.

I think I have to learn all of the wraps and carriers that this book has. Cause I'm always toting a lot of watermelons. Well, no. But I do tote a lot of other stuff.

All right. Let the throwdown begin.


Melissa said...

48 seconds! But I used a playsilk, probably 36" square, so mine's more like a clutch & less like a wrap with a handle. Still, my watermelons and I thank you for this newfound skill.

stadler said...

Ooh, James Ensor!