Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lucy's greatest hits

Lucy's songwriting has really increased of late. Some of them are inspired by other works:
"One little two little fing-gers...One little two little fing-gers...One little two little fing-gers...."
but there are also some originals, like:
"Tuba. Tu-ba! Tuba tuba tuba tuba!"
And her current choreographed number,
"Watch out! For Busytown! Watch out, for Busytown!" To which she puts on her elf hat and runs around the living room in circles.
We asked her why, exactly, you have to watch out for Busytown.
"Cause it all filled with little furniture," she said. "Trip over it."
Ahh! That's so much clearer now.


Anonymous said...

"Tuba tuba tuba tuba!" That's from "Come on Eileen", right?

Heather said...

You are asking the wrong person. I never ever ever remember song lyrics. Or get them right in the first place. Like when I thought the lyrics to one of Lucy's song was "fiddle lambeau" and asked Dyami what that was.
"You mean "fiddle and bow?" he said. I could practically hear his eyes rolling.