Saturday, August 15, 2009

was that too obvious?

Dyami's been trying to eliminate some food out of his diet to see if it will eliminate some migranes he's been having. We tried wheat, but decided corn was a more likely suspect. I keep running over the foods I should or should not buy. Which led to the following conversation:

D: "Are there any of these Smart Balance margarines without corn in them? Because I don't really like butter."
H: "The corn is the butter flavor. So it would just taste like oil."
D: "Grrr."
H: "Which reminds me--you shouldn't have any microwave popcorn, either. Cause those have butter flavor in them."
D: Stares. "Plus the popcorn. That might have corn in it as well."

Riiight. Good thing I've become a savvy label-reader. Because if we had to rely just on my memory for this stuff, we'd be in trouble.


Susan said...

The Maker's Diet-Awesome book! Oh and everything has corn in it, even the packages, and I'm not kidding.

Heather said...

Seriously, it is in everything. Food-grade wax on fruits, stamps. But we're not expecting to eliminate everything at this point. We're still fact-finding.